Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knitting Season!!

So knitting season is definitely in full swing! Between working on items for my shop, knitting Christmas presents, and potentially putting a few items in a craft sale at work, I might end up with knitter's carpal tunnel syndrome!! Luckily a few co-workers have started up a craft group at lunchtime a couple days a week so I can get some extra knitting time in!

Speaking of the workplace, have you noticed that your hands get chilly when you're stuck at your desk typing all day? Why not try some fingerless wristwarmers? They will keep your hands warm and still allow you full use of your fingers for typing!

These purple wristwarmers are a perfect way to keep your hands warm at work or even while you're driving! Check out these and my other warm, winter creations at Kittens' Mittens!

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